Who and Where is Tolerant?

Why Can’t We Be More Like Europe?

Pew Study: “Religious Hostilities Reach a Six-Year High

A few takeaways

  • Christianity is the most oppressed religion in the world.
  • It looks like most of the oppression of Muslims comes from Hindu’s & Buddhists who are often held up as paragons of tolerance vs. supposed Christian hatred. The other group that oppresses Muslims is….other Muslims. Just about all Christian areas of the world are overwhelmingly accepting of Muslims.
  • The study shows that "The Americas," the most self-identifying Christian part of the planet, is the most religiously tolerant region on the planet. The Middle East earns the title of least tolerant, flowed by Asia and then Europe.
  • Every year since 2010 the United States has moved to the right (the bad direction) on the "Government Restrictions" axis.
  • While much of the world (including Europe big time) is moving up (the bad direction) on the "Social Hostilities" axis, the US is staying down at the bottom.

Will this be hailed by the media as a validation of the wonderfulness and tolerance of the United States? Will it change people’s attitudes about Christians? Will college groups change their focus and begin protesting Christian oppression in the Middle East?

I doubt it. Instead we will keep being told how horrible and intolerant Christianity & America is.

I for one am sick of it. Even more I’m sick of hearing these untruths repeated by Christians and Americans.

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