Just finished Season 2 of Sherlock. Reasons Moriarty needs to stay dead:

  1. I don’t believe he ever reappeared after Reichenbach in the original stories.
  2. Tired of the endlessly reoccurring arch villain – Daleks, Cybermen, Lex Luthor. Seems like lazy writing and it doesn’t take long for all the suspense and surprise to turn into yawns. It may already have.
  3. Started reminding me too much of Sam Rockwell’s character in Charlie’s Angels. EDIT: No, not Sam’s character so much as The Master. Discuss.

Aside: they need to drop the humanization (or de-humanization) of Holmes. He’s a jerk, or has Asperger’s, or something. We get it. The only “personal demon” I can recall Holmes having was his coke addiction, and I’m pretty sure that only existed in a non-cannon book.

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