People are the Problem

Was just going over the Clark County, WA initiatives with a friend. In looking  for information online for some of the more confusing measures I ran across the “Progressive Voter’s Guide.” I like using liberal guides when I vote because they’re usually pretty straightforward about what they like or don’t like and why. Once I understand that it’s really simple just to vote the opposite way they tell me to :D.

But this time I ran across something that really sums up modern liberalism for me. It was their comment on “Clark County Advisory Vote #1.

This advisory vote would recommend that Clark County Commissioners oppose any light rail project unless a vote of the people is conducted first. It’s an unnecessary road block to progress on forward-looking transit projects that connect families, businesses, and commuters on both sides of the Columbia River. Vote No on Advisory Vote 1.

A “vote of the people” is an “unnecessary road block.” They really think we’re just here to be ruled, don’t they? The people of Clark County have been consistently voting against light rail projects that are being pushed by liberals in Portland, OR.

The people don’t want it. The people are the problem.

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