Inspired by an Article on the Pope & Christianity by a Man Who Understood Neither.

What ever happened to Christians’ expectation of intellectual or Scriptural rigor in Christian writing? So often I read articles online, by respected men, that consist of a whole lot of opinion and a whole lot of pop Christianity but very little actual accurate theology to back up the point of the article.

The fact that the articles are unfailingly decorated with a few lonely verses of Scripture here and there only makes things worse. The authors are perfectly content to take passages and quotes completely out of context just to add Biblical authority to what is in truth their own personal opinion or that of whatever group they associate with. The interpretation of Scripture is informed and contextualized by the author’s culture and ideas instead of the other way around.

I’ve studied cults quite a bit and this particular method of writing is one of their hallmarks. It’s a skill the Pharisees had perfected when God showed up and surprised them.

It’s the Word of God. It was delivered to us via the burned, tortured and broken hands of God’s most precious saints. We should demand that better care be taken with it.

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